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Small Size Temperature Controllers

SYS Series temperature & Humidity Measurement

We offer a variety of small-size temperature controller and a programmable digital temperature indicators,which can be used to adjust the upper and lower limits of the setpoint.
Defrost Controller even can control for heating / cooling / defrosting / lighting.It is widely used in refrigeration systems.


Defrost Controller
Relay output for cooling or lighting control.
In the keys of probe failure,output state can be selected on,off or periodical running.
Defrosting duration and interval can be adjusted.
6 different warning tones.
Temperature unit can be selected °C or °F.
Upper and lower limits of the alarm value can be adjusted depending on the setpoint value.
Digital input. (Optional)
With digital input defrost starting and lighting feature.
With RS485 ModBus protocol communication feature.(Optional)
With Real Time Clock making defrost and energy-saving feature.
NTC Temperature Indicator
4 digits display.
Easy to use by front panel keypad.
Display can be selected decimal or integer.
Temperature unit can be selected °C or °F.
Maximum and minimum measurement values are registered.
Upper and lower limits of the alarm value can be adjusted
Programmable Indicator
4 digits display.
Easy to use by front panel keypad.
Display scale can be adjusted between -1999 and 4000.
Decimal point can be adjusted between 1. and 3. digits.
Measurement unit can be displayed.
Selectable four different standard input types (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-1V, 0-10V)
User can calibrate the device according to specified input type.
Sampling time can be adjusted in four steps.
Stores maximum and minimum measurement values.
The maximum or the minimum values can be hold on the display.
Current and voltage calibration can be performed.
Easy connection by removable screw terminal.
Parameter access protection on 3 levels.

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