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Temperature & Humidity Measurement / Transmiter

SYS - Hygrometer 0~60°C, 0~100%RH Datasheet
SYS-TH 0~60°C, 0~100%RH Datasheet
IND-TH Series -20~60°C, 0~100%RH Datasheet
Gas Measurement (CO / CO2 Transmitter)
SYS-C Carbon Dioxide Datasheet
SYS-THC Carbon Dioxide & Temperature & RH  
SYS-G Carbon Monoxide  Datasheet
Indoor Air Quality Monitor
IAQ-M23 Plus   Datasheet
Digital LED Display
JTC-140A Single Display Datasheet
JTC-140D Single Pair-Display Datasheet
JTC-240A Dual- Display Datasheet
JTC-340A Triple Display Datasheet
Humidity & Temperature Data logger
THD-8 USB Interface,  Auto-Generated Report Datasheet
SYS-TH-L Large LCD Display, USB Interfance Datasheet
PM180 Series 6 channel Modbus Temperature indicator Datasheet
ExceLog 6 Channel Handheld Temp. Data Logger Datasheet
Pressure Transmitter / Pressure Transducer
JPT-131 Ceramic material Datasheet
JPT-131S silicon oil-filled Datasheet
Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensor
SIR-10F 0~400°C, 10:1 (D:S) Datasheet
SIR-12F 0~400°C, 12:1 (D:S) Datasheet
SIR-40F 0~1000°C, 40:1 (D:S) Datasheet
SIR-80F 500~1700°C,, 80:1 (D:S) Datasheet
SS-2400 Two color , 800~2400°C, 80:1 (D:S) Datasheet
IGA-1200 Two color , 400~1200°C, 80:1 (D:S) Datasheet
PyroCouple -20~500°C Datasheet
PyroUSB -40~1000°C , USB interface Datasheet
PyroUSB 2.2 0~2000°C , USB interface Datasheet
PyroEpsilon -20~500°C, with Controllable Emissivity Setting Datasheet
PyroMini -20~1000°C, with Touch Panel Miniature Sensor Datasheet
PyroBUS -20~500°C, with rs485 modbus interface Datasheet

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